Jen wins Veto and Mike put up for Eviction

Dick tells Jen that Kail is his target but she’s convinced that she could go home because everyone hates her.

The houseguests dare Zach to streak and jump in the pool. Of course he can’t let a challenge pass by so he does it but demands they promise not to take his towel. They agree but as soon as he jumps in the pool they grab his towel and run inside and lock the door.

Kail and Jen talk about the upcoming veto challenge. Mike comes in and says that if he’s in the game and wins then he’d take one of them off.

Evel Dick talks with Kail and tells her he doesn’t think she’s playing the game very well. Kail tries to convince Dick that Jen is out to get Daniele but Dick says he can’t trust her because she lied to him and unless she wins the veto, then he will be making sure she is going home.

Eric has been given his new task – to vandalise Jen’s stuff. He squirts mustard all over one of her shirts. When Jen finds it she is annoyed and thinks someone has the maturity of a school kid. Mission accomplished.

It’s time for the veto competition. Dick, Jen, Kail are joined by Zach, Jessica and Nick. Dick tries to rattle Kail even further by saying that because she tried to throw Jen under the bus that he just doesn’t trust her. He then tells Jen about it and then confronts Kail in front of Jen to stir things up even further.

Eric is the host and is all dressed up tells the contestants to dress up in the costumes provided. The contestants have to balance a glass on top of their oversized hat while standing on a stump. Kail immediately drops her glass and storms off clearly rattled. The other houseguests come out also dressed in mad hatter attire and jeer the other contestants until only Jen and Dick are left. Kail and Mike try to scheme to get Dick off the stump. Dick threatens to put him on the block if he doesn’t quit. Mike wouldn’t back down and says he wanted to show he would be loyal to the end. Dick steps off and says congratulations, you’re on the block to Mike.

Nick, Jen and Zach were in Dick’s HoH room and he is furious that they’re up there in his room to talk about their little alliance. Dick confronts Nick and Daniele interrupts and says she wants a word with her dad. Daniele says she’s bearing the brunt of Dick’s power trip. Dick asks why she never told him about Nick’s alliance. Dick asks her how she would like him to approach her and she refuses to answer him. Dick tells her that after this is all done, if she wants to do some family counselling then he’d be good with that.

Dick talks to Jameka and Eric about maybe putting Nick up because of how he is affecting Daniele.

Jen calls the Veto meeting and removes herself from the block and Dick puts Mike up for nomination.

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