Jen and Kail up for eviction again

Dick is mad at Jen because he believes it was her that voted for Mike but it was Eric because America wanted him to. Amber then starts to think that it might have been Nick. Eric is laughing at all the conspiracy theories and that his name hasn’t come up once.

Amber is so emotional. She’s happy that Dustin won the HoH competition. Dustin says he has four targets. Jen, Kail, Zach and Nick. Jen doesn’t think he’ll nominate her because she got rid of Joe for him. (Technically she didn’t because Joe was only up after Daniele removed herself from the block and replaced herself with Joe)

Dustin invites everyone up to his new room to check out his photos. Everyone leaves Dustin to read a letter that has been left from his brother. He cries and expresses how much he loves his brother.

Dick and Amber have a bizarre discussion comparing animals to people. Dick thinks Amber is so strange because she loves her dog and her daughter equally. Dick thinks people are more important.

Dick introduces us to the Dick at Night show, where he goes off and sets up pranks. He has done something to the faucet and when Daniele comes down in the morning to brew a fresh pot of coffee, she gets sprayed with water.

Zach tells some bizarre story about watching a group of guys beat some girls who were naked and wrapped in plastic wrap while hanging upside down from chains. Is it no surprize that Jameka says Zach is her least favourite houseguest? Zach says he doesn’t want to fit into any cliques. Where ever he goes in the house, people just get up and leave. Daniele says she’d rather eat slop for a month than have to sit and talk with Zach for an hour.

Dick tries to talk to Daniele and he’s really frustrated with their relationship. He’s annoyed because he tries to be the father and she gets annoyed so he tries to be her friend and she wants him to be her father. He’s trying hard to fix things but Daniele is obviously hurt. Dick cries because he never wants to have to not have her not talking to him again.

Eric and Jessica are forming a bond. It’s cute. But I wonder if America will approve.

The food challenge is about to take place. The Humpty Challenge. The houseguests have to pair up and put Humpty Dumpty back together again. Jessica and Jameka are the first to complete putting their egg back together and win the competition. As winners, they have to choose 5 houseguests to live on slop for the rest of the week. Dick is the first person because he’s never been on slop before. Zach, because they just don’t like him. Kail, Nick and finally Jen.

Dick talks to Jen about her boob job. She wont confirm or deny and looks clearly annoyed at his choice of conversation.

Kail talks to Dustin about putting her up for nomination as a pawn. Dustin thinks Kail is weak, feeble, desperate and annoying. He then talks to Jen and isn’t convinced that she wasn’t the one who voted for Kail. She says it wasn’t her and wonders if it was the same person who squirted mustard on her gear.

Eric is given his orders from Big Brother. America wants Jen nominated. Eric puts forward his case and Dick says he always appreciates his scenarios.

The nominations take place and Dustin is convinced that not everyone is going to be happy with who he is nominated. He’s based his nominations of competitiveness and strategy. Jen and Kail are nominated for eviction. Dustin wants Kail to go home and says Kail is not a pawn as she thought she was. Jen is upset and cries because Dustin has put her up for nomination.

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