Jen and Kail nominated for eviction

Kail confronts Mike about not giving her a heads up about changing his vote. Kail thinks her alliance is over.

Everyone comes to see Dick’s room and there are some cute photo’s of him and Daniele when she was a young child.

Dick talks to Kail and she tells him about her alliance and that they duped her. Dick says that initially he was going to nominate Kail and Jen but Mike and Zach are now possibilities.

Jen and Eric wrestle and Jen kicks Eric’s ass.

Daniele and Dick have a heart to heart and Daniele is crying about how she feels about Nick and how it is conflicting with how she feels about her boyfriend. Dick offers some good fatherly advice. It’s a touching moment. He tells her that he loves her as she goes to bed. Dick talks to Dustin about it and he’s moved by the fact that she came to talk to him and is hurting because she is hurting.

Jameka is not coping with eating the slop. Jen is saying she sucks at feeling bad for people. Dick makes a comment about starving children in Africa which Jameka takes as offensive and racist – which is wasn’t.

This week’s food task is called Mission Impastable. There are two giant bowls filled with pasta and the houseguests work in pairs sliding into the bowls to find matching meatballs that have different foods on them. The foods that they pair up they will recieve for the entire house.

Eric gets his next challenge. America wants him to campaign to get Jen out. He talks to Dick and paints Jen as the one who put him up against his daughter.

Kail and Dustin talk and she gets some insight into Dustin’s gay lifestyle and his relationship.

Zach talks to Dick and he learns that Kail has exposed their alliance. Nick then comes up to talk to him and also tells him about the alliance. Dick tells him that if he hurts his daughter he’ll kill him. He thinks that if Nick was gone then the emotional issues for Daniele will be dealt with.

Eric’s next task is to vandalise one of the houseguests property. Who does America want him to target.

At the nomination meeting, Dick says that it’s about breaking the alliances, lies, deception, scheming, a plan to upset the balance in the house and to flip things to get him out of there. The first person who is safe is Jameka as Dick hands her her key and says “happy birthday”.

Up for eviction this week are Jen and Kail. Not really any surprises there.

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