Episode 9 - Horror shorts and David May exits

The director with the fewest number of votes from last week’s show and leaving the lot was David May. This week, 6 of the directors will be making horror films. Jason, Kenny, Andrew, Sam, Mateen and Shira-lee had 5 days to produce their films.

Will Bigham’s Nerve Endings had the most number of votes from last week.

Carrie Fisher and Gary Marshall are here to judge again along with Eli Roth.

First up to premiere their comedy film this week is Kenny Luby. His film is called The Malibu Myth.
To Vote for Kenny’s film:

Next up is Sam Friedlander. His short film is called Discovering the Anklebiters.
To Vote for Sam’s film:

Andrew Hunt is next with his short film Midnight Snack.
To Vote for Andrew’s film:

Jason Epperson is next with his film Eternal Waters.
To Vote for Jason’s film:

Shira-Lee Shalit is next with her film Open House.
To vote for Shira-Lee’s film:

Mateen Kemet is last with his film Profile.
To vote for Mateen’s film:

Next Monday the results will be in as well as movies based on the phrase “when two world’s collide” by the remaining directors on the lot.

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