Episode 7 - Cori goes home

The girls meet ex-supermodel Yanka who was one of Canada’s first top models. Yanka is going to help the girls use their eyes to smile and build their confidence.

The girls then head to the French Connection store where they meet Janine Furtado who tells them that today’s challenge is to be window mannequins. They have to change their poses every five minutes. Cori and Tara were a little boring while Tia, Rebecca and Sinead were fantastic. The winner of the task is Rebecca and has 30 minutes to spend $2000 at French Connection.

The girls head to Carlu where they meet Susie Sheffman from Fashion Magazine and photographer Miguel Jacob who will be shooting their first cover try.

When the girls get back to the house there is a card waiting for Rebecca telling her the second part of her prize is in the living area. Her boyfriend is waiting for her. The rest of the girls are finding it awkward with Rebecca’s boyfriend in the house and are tempted to ask Rebecca about the hockey guy she kissed.

The go out for dinner and it appears Rebecca’s boyfriend is a bit of a hick. She becomes less and less impressed with his behaviour throughout the night. Rebecca gives him the boot in the morning.

The judges, Paul Alexander, Yasmine Warsame, Jeanne Beker and guest judge Stacey McKenzie review the cover try shoots for fashion magazine.

Getting photos are Sinead, Tia and Rebecca. Cori and Tara are both left looking upset that one of them is about to leave. As Tara nailed it on her first shot she gets to stay while a crying Cori is sent home.

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