Episode 6 - Joy cut adrift

This week the teams are without their longboats. Getting to shore is via their own swimming ability.

On shore, the teams must find a ladder hidden in an old plantation. The red crew arrived at the beach first ahead of Captain Azmyth’s team. The teams must now carry the rope ladder up a steep path into the mountains before they have to find an old longboat.

The teams must now head up the path further and find some masts where they must hoist their ladder and undo a key from a tricky knot.

Heading into the rainforest, the teams must now find a foot bridge which has clues to the location of the treasure written on the rungs.

The captains team arrive well ahead of the red team and they easily win the treasure.

The treasure has a value of $40,000 this week as well. Azmyth and his officers do a 60/40 split with the crew this time.

Kendra, Joy and Joe Don are served with black spots.

Joe Don and Nessa start to get a little more romantically involved.

At the pirates court Joe Don buys the royal pardon for $12,000. The votes are split 3 votes to 2. Being cut adrift is Joy.

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