Episode 11 - Action shorts

The two directors with the fewest number of votes from last week’s show and leaving the lot were Shalini and Hilary. This week, making action films are Andrew, Kenny, Mateen, Sam and Jason.

Carrie Fisher and Gary Marshall are here to judge again along with Antoine Fuqua.

First up to premiere their film this week is Sam Friedlander. His film is called Key Witness.
To Vote for Sam’s film:

Next up is Jason Epperson. His short film is called Sweet.
To Vote for Jason’s film:

Andrew Hunt is next with his short film Zero2Sixty.
To Vote for Will’s film:

Kenny Luby is next with his film The Losers.
To Vote for Kenny’s film:

Mateen Kemet is last with his film Catch.
To vote for Mateen’s film:

Next week the results will be in as well as romantic comedy movies by five of the remaining directors on the lot.

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