Daniele wins Power of Veto

Joe laughs at Jen’s decision to use “negativity” as the reason for the nominations and thinks that if she was gone, then so would the negativity.

Dick is upset that he’s up against Daniele because he wants more time to fix their relationship.

Nick tells Daniele about his alliance with Kail, Mike and Zach and that he’d take the fall for her if he could. She tells him that she’s 20.

Eric finds out that America has chosen Joe for him to sleepwalk to and climb into bed with. Of course it’s awkward. However, Joe doesn’t kick him out and Eric thinks that if he’d stayed he would have been there for the rest of the season. Eric fails this task. Joe asks Eric the following day if he sleep “annythings”. Eric isn’t aware of anything.

The players in the veto competition are Jen, Daniele and Dick. Jen picks the houseguests choice and chooses Mike. Daniele picks Joe and Dicks pulls out Amber. Dustin is chosen to be the host.

Amber is upset at being chosen and confides in Dustin. Jen comes in and makes some veiled threats about making sure that Dick and Daniele are taken out first in the veto competition. Jen is certainly making no friends in the house as she threatens everyone to play her way or she’ll put them up for eviction.

The game is called Cut Throat Christmas. They’re playing curling. The person who has their rock the furtherest from the red line gets eliminated and gets to pick from the gifts under the tree. Joe is eliminated first and picks a gift and opens it. It’s a slop pass. Round two and Jen is eliminated and gets a unitard and she has to wear it for the rest of the week. Mike is eliminated and gets a Big Brother date. He can choose a houseguest to have a nice backyard dinner with. Dick is eliminated and wins a Plasma TV. Amber gets some handcuffs and has to be handcuffed together with someone for 24 hours. Daniele wins the power of veto for the second week in a row.

Everyone tries to convince Jen to put Joe up for eviction as the replacement for Daniele. Jen is over it and leaves to go down to talk to the others. They’re not interested in talking so she returns to the other group and says she wants Nick gone.

At the veto meeting, Daniele removes herself from the block and Jen replaces her with Joe.

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