Daniele wins first Veto competition

Nick loves to flirt. Firstly with Daniele. Second with Amber. The girls are all asking each other if Nick has been flirting with them. Jen says he tried to kiss her but she wouldn’t let him.

Joe comes in and tells him. Nick gets mad when he confronts her and calls her a liar.

Jen apologises to Nick later and basically admits that she is jealous of the other girls. Jen thinks he’s still mad at her but he assures her that he’s not. Everyone is pretty much over Jen. They’re annoyed at her Jen shirts. Jenuine. I’m a Jenius. Jenth Degree. etc. etc.

Amber prays to God to help her stay strong and win the Veto to keep her off the block.

HoH Kail calls every one together for the first Veto competition. The winner of Veto can upset the balance of power in the house by taking one of the nominees off the chopping block – including themselves. Only six houseguests will participate. The Head of Household, the two nominees and three other players selected by a random draw. The each get to pull a ball out of a bag that will have a houseguest’s name on it or a Player’s Choice ball which will let them choose who will join them in the veto competition.

Kail picks first and gets houseguests choice so chooses Daniele. Jameka and Nick are also selected while Jessica is selected as the host.

The competing houseguests each have to hide their own vetos somewhere in the house. Once they have hidden the veto they each have to search for the others. The last veto to be found wins.

Carol finds Amber’s veto first. While Nick leaves things tidy, Kail leaves everything in the bedrooms in a complete mess because she is living in the HoH room. Kail finds one as does Jameka and Nick. Daniele finds the last veto.

The house is an absolute mess. Jessica reads out the names of the vetos that were found. Amber, Nick, Carol, Jameka and Kail all had their vetos found which means Daniele gets the first power of veto in Big Brother 8.

Eric’s first assignment is to reveal his soft side and make up a tragic story to Kail. He goes up to Kail’s room in the HoH room. Kail says that she knew there was something up yesterday. He makes up a story about a girl in highschool who he is reminded of by Daniele. He pours his heart out, complete with tears, and he completes the task.

Joe and Dustin talk it out. Dustin wants to keep things civil while they’re in the house.

Joe and Nick try and convince Daniele to use the veto and put Jen up for eviction.

Daniele calls everyone into the house for the first veto meeting. Amber and Carol are both up for eviction. The each get a chance to put forward their case to stay. She decides not to use the veto which means Amber and Carol are still up for eviction.

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