Carol is evicted and Jen becomes Head of Household.

The houseguests appear split on their decision as to who is going to be evicted this week. Carol or Amber?

Eric gets his orders from America. He’s voting for Carol.

The result comes in and Carol is evicted 10 votes to 1.

Jessica will be happy that she’s gone.

The next Head of Household competition takes place. The competition is called majority rules. The houseguests need to answer what the majority of the houseguests would answer to the questions.

Zach is first to be eliminated after he thinks the majority would rather rub hot butter off Jen than Daniele. He’s the only one that thinks that so he’s off to sit with Kail.

Dick, Daniele and Nick are eliminated next after they think that the majoirty of the house would not let their little sister go out on a date with Mike when the answer was Nick.

Who does the majority of the house think would cheat on a significant other. It’s between Joe and Dustin. Everyone says Joe so no one gets eliminated.

The next question is who does the houseguests think would hold a grudge longer, Dick or Daniele. Jameka says Dick and is wrong and gets eliminated.

Who would be the best to cheer you up? Eric or Jessica. Amber gets eliminated when she answers Jessica.

Who is most likely to turn $500,000 into $5,000,000. Kail or Zach. Jessica and Mike eliminated after saying it was Kail.

Who would help an old lady across the street? Jameka or Amber. It’s split. They now have to guess the number of gallons of water the spinning tea cup in the back yard would hold. The person who guesses the closest is Jen so she becomes the new Head of Household.

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