2007 Top 18 Guys Performance

Last week Derek Hoffman and Justyn Wesley were eliminated from the 11 guys that made it through to the Top 22.

Will the remaining contestants step up their game to ensure they’re around next week?

First up:

Liam Styles Chang
Tal Bachman - Tal Bachman - She's So High She’s So High
Liam’s falsetto wasn’t too bad and his venture into the audience to sing to some you lass adds a nice touch to the start of the show. Jake wasn’t sure the falsetto was going to work but he was impressed. Farley thinks he has one of the most distinct voices in the competition.

Andrew Austin
Maroon 5 - Songs About Jane - Sunday Morning Sunday Morning
Much better than last week. The judges like him although Zach is a little concerned at the Eddie Munster look alike. Jake congratulates him on being the first contestant to perform on Canadian Idol with an instrument.

Dwight d’Eon
Used To Be Alright
Dwight rocks the stage. It started off mediocre. Sass says that what he lacks in technique he makes up for in performance. Zach thinks he’s the first “balls to the wall” rocker they’ve ever had on Canadian Idol. Jake would have picked a different song.

Clifton Murray
James Morrison - Undiscovered - You Give Me Something You Give Me Something
The thing that is becoming more and more obvious about Clifton is that he really is an actor who wants to be a singer. It’s not working for him. Zach didn’t get it at all. Jake thought he was acting the song. Farley thought it was missing some grit. Sass thought he was a little uncomfortable with the song.

Greg Neufeld
Jason Mraz - Mr. A-Z - Geek In the Pink Geek in the Pink
This is much better from Greg this week. He’s playing his guitar too but he’s still trying to do those annoying dances. He’s not really working with the band either. Jake thought it was explosive. Farley thinks he’s got so much rhythm and he stays in the pocket like lint. Sass can’t believe he’s not playing every night and people don’t know him already. Zach thinks he’s a little mainstream for his tastes but he’s as good as any contestant who has won Canadian Idol.

Brian Melo
Robbie Williams - The Ego Has Landed - Angels Angels
I don’t really like Robbie Williams at all and Brian is doing himself no favours with his shaking notes in changing my opinion. Farley thought it was fantastic. Sass thought it was a great song choice. Zach thought he was pitchy. Jake thought it was spectacular.

Jaydee Bixby
Ray Charles - The Best of Ray Charles - The Atlantic Years - I Got a Woman I Got A Woman
The novelty is wearing off for me. He was fun when we met him but seriously, where is the commercial value in what he’s doing? He’s going to struggle through the genres and he’s showing no variety. Sass loved him. Zach says he’s going to be a slam dunk in Nashville. Jake was hoping it would be a little more explosive.

Matt Rapley
Josh Groban - Closer - You Raise Me Up You Raise Me Up
I was thinking this was going to be another rubbish and safe song from Matt. I was right about the safe part. Marginal on the rubbish. Zach hates the song but he made him shiver and he thanks him for singing that. Jake thinks he needs to watch his vibrato. Farley disagrees with Jake and likes his vibrato. Sass loved his dynamics.

Tyler Mullendore
Joe Cocker - Super Hits - Have a Little Faith In Me Have a Little Faith In Me
Tyler is such a star. It’s such a shame that the band wasn’t up to performing at his level. Jake loved him and thinks he’s the real deal. Farley thinks he’s so natural on the stage. Zach thought he lost a little focus towards to the end but thought it was pretty good.

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