Week 2

The Girls are reflecting on Mika’s departure last week. Tia is very happy about it.

Outside they discover there is a jacuzi warming up for them.

This week they’re going to style the girls and give them completely different hair styles.

Stylist Gisela Castillo will be working with the girls to come up with their new look.

Covergirl have provided a goodie pack for all the girls.

John van der schilden is photographing the girls in their new looks. First up is Sinead who has had her long hair cut off so that she looks more like Natalie Portman.

Tia loved her makeover and thought she felt like a Bond girl.

Jacqueline’s hair color is gorgeous and has a lot more body to it.

Tara’s transformation is phenomenal with the tight curls being replaced by long flowing locks.

Rebecca isn’t happy with her hair color and feels that all the other girls got great hair.

Gina’s gone from blonde to brown and it looks great.

Cori looks incredible with her new look.

Mo’s look is similar to what she has but she just looks a million times better.

I didn’t really like the outfit they gave Steff to wear but her hair was nicer without the roots showing.

Sinead is chosen as the standout of the day and she wins a $5000 shopping spree courtesy of Visa. She’s incredibly happy as you can imagine.

There is Jaymail which asks them if they’re going to stand out in the crowd.

While the girls head to the jacuzi, Gina isn’t interested. Tara is getting a reputation as the scary girl but she says she’s here to win.

Today the girls are doing their beauty shots. Dan Lim is going to be the photographer and Nolé shows the girls what props they’re going to use. Real sea creatures.

Sinead is first up and has an octopus on her head.

Rebecca is still not comfortable with her makeover.

Jacqueline isn’t taking direction very well.

Steff just isn’t photogenic.

Tara served up an amazing shot with the crab on her head.

Gina with the calamari fringe looks gorgeous.

Mo has seaweed around her neck and fish in her hair but they’re not confident she’s a beauty girl.

Tia was fantastic with the shrimp and gave the best shot of the day.

Cori can take an amazing photo but it’s more about luck.

When Sinead arrives back from her shopping spree and has a gift for everyone. Tara is incredibly jealous though.

Back at the house there is a dress for each of them which they need to wear to judging tomorrow.

In the judging room, the girls are given a table of accessories which they are then given 30 seconds to add to their little black dress.

Sinead is up first and they take a look at her photo and they love it.

Mo’s photo makes her look blank.

Gina’s expressions were too hard for the makeup she had applied.

Tia really looks like she’s working the camera and looks so good.

Cori’s photo is just beautiful. The judges love the innocence.

Tara needs a little more intensity in her eyes but she’s so dynamic.

Rebecca isn’t so confident but her photo is haunting.

Jacqueline has an absolutely stunning face in her photo.

Steff is getting her grilling about her phobia during the shoot and how that would cost $20,000 an hour and in the real world that would come out of her pay. Sinead then faints in the middle of it. She’s ok but a little dehydrated. The girls get a lecture about looking after themselves before Steff sees her photo. She looks masculine again which isn’t going to work in her favour.

The judges deliberate before bringing the girls back in.

Getting a copy of their photo and still being in the running to be Canada’s Next Top Model:
Sinead, Rebecca, Tara, Cori, Tia, Mo, Gina and Steff.

Going home this week is Jacqueline.

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