Season 5 Episode 4 Cut down to 22

Katrina and Kat are going home while Martha is staying. Montana, despite having no group to perform with, she’s sticking around.

The next phase for the remaining contestants is to pick a partner to perform a duet with and start rehearsing.

Morning came quickly. A little too quickly for some.

First up was Christine Hanlon and Paul Clifford. Zack was worried that Christine always looks angry when she sings.

Ryan Langlois and Arron Reed get it easy compared to Dwight D’eon and Naomi-Joy Blackhall who Zach gets to jump across to the judging table and sing to the audience that isn’t there.

Clifton Murray and Emily Chambers find a real connection with one another and they convey the mood of the song better than anyone else so far today.

Sam Romijn and Annika Onegard prove that the two 16 year olds really have something to add to the competition although Annika’s voice sounds as though she’s struggling.

Morgan Donaldson and Bianca Schmutz are a little detached from the song and each other.

Ben Griffin and Heidi Jutras impress the judges and Zach tells Ben that he’s so watchable.

Montana Martin Iles has partnered with Derek Hoffman and they shine with their personalities.

Justyn Wesley and Scarlet Burke work their off stage chemistry when they perform together on stage in front of the judges.

Khalila G and Matt Rapley are another duo that work so well together.

Carly Rae Jepsen and Geoffrey Stone are told by Jake that if that was a concert he would have left to buy popcorn.

The next round of cuts is about to take place and about half of them are about to be sent home.

Solo performances are what await the remaining contestants. One last performance in front of the judges to try and secure a place in the top 22.

Naomi-Joy Blackhall is up first and forgets her words. She recovers ok until her voice breaks.

Brian Melo puts his own spin on Natasha Bedingfield’s Wild Horses.

Ben Griffin works the stage with some Lifehouse.

Khalila G puts on a powerful performance.

Carley Rae Jepsen is feeling tired but knows she has to impress the judges if she wants a place in the top 22. She absolutely wins the judges over.

Arron Reed, Jocelyn Strang and Ritchea Hodge. Kale Penny and Tyler Mullendore. Tara Oram and Dwight D’eon all continue to take the stage to win over the judges and secure their their place in the Top 22. Andrew Austin was rejected from the competition at the same place last year. What will happen this time? Annika Onegard sings some Kelly Clarkson and shows some nice tone and husk. Kamila Miller wants it very badly but still writes the words on her hands.

Paul Clifford is more determined than ever because he too was cut before the Top 22 last year.

Martha Joy has to really pull something off tonight after a few dodgy performances.

Christine Hanlon and Jessica Sheppard are visiting the doctors before their final performance. Jessica decides that she can get some more rehearsal and ditches the doctors.

Christine hopes that her voice has one more song in it. It’s not the best she’s done and she’s not happy about.

Finally, Jessyka was last to face the judges. And with that, the auditions are over. Time for the judges to deliberate and decide who goes and who stays.

The best 46 singers the judges could find are left. Now they must narrow that list down to 22.

First up is Tara Oram. And she’s through to the Top 22. The first of 11 girls.

Brian Melo becomes the first guy to make it into the Top 22.

Khalila G and Greg Neufeld make it through.

Scarlett and Justyn Wesley have grown close during the theatre round but only one of them is going through. Scarlett is going home.

Matt Rapley and Naomi-Joy Blackhall both make it through.

Annika Odegard, Liam Styles Chang and Kamila Miller all make it through.

Ritchea Hodge and Derek Hoffman make it through too.

Martha Joy makes it through but Ben Griffin is cut.

Montana Martin Iles is through as is Tyler Mullendore.

Maud Coussa-Jandl is through as well as Carly Rae Jepsen.

Clifton Murray makes it into the Top 22 along with Khalila G and Dwight d’Eon.

Jaydee Bixby is through along with Andrew Austin and finally Christine Hanlon.

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