Season 5 Episode 3 Theatre Round part one

198 golden ticket winners have arrived in Toronto for the most intense week of Idol competition. Tonight will see some of the best ever performances on the Canadian Idol stage as hopefuls put it all on the line for the greatest musical prize in the country.

Tonight, many dreams will be made but many more will be denied. The fight for the Top 22 begins now.

They’ve come from all across the country for the opportunity of a lifetime and are congregating at the historic Fairmont Royal York.

The judges give the contestants a pep talk before the stage is handed over to them where they will each get one chance to impress the judges and try and secure a spot in the next round.

First up was Dwight D’eon and with Farley away for the morning, he only had three judges to impress. Dwight impresses with the Goo Goo Doll’s Iris. Last years top 100 contestant Paul Fracassi has a spirited performance. Geoffrey Stone tinkers away on the piano and adds real talent to the stage.

In the next group is Dan Legrand whose buddy has abandoned the trip to Toronto. Dan rocks it up with some metal and Sass asks if they can keep him for one more day. Tyler Mullendore is such a pro and looks like such a rocker. He gets the other contestants all rocking and clapping along. Joel Martin performs an old school classic with an acoustic twist. Baby’s Got Back!

Keir Harper offers up a rocky version of Leyla. Devin Herbert plays along to some Mika while Jesse Friend and Doreen do themselves no favours with their song choices. Gary Patey, Josh Barrett and Joshua Grant all try big notes and squeeze out something else.

The judges have to eliminate close to 80 competitors on the first day. Whole lines are being cut which hits home with the contestants that the competition really is on.

Christine Hanlon is singing some Queen with some beautiful tones. Morgan Donaldson will be this years token emo and felt as though his nerves really let him down which prevented him from making the top 100. Morgan gets put through to day two without having to stand in a line.

Naomi-Joy Blackhall, Tara Oram and Montana Martin Iles all put their stamp on spots in tomorrows round as does Maud Coussa-Jandl. Brian Melo shows how well it can work when you choose the right song. Todd Scott is one of six from Newfoundland. Paul Clifford moved everyone in the room with his performance.

Jaydee Bixby is fantastic for 16 and once again lets all the other contestants know that there is some serious competition in Canadian Idol in 2007.

128 have made it past the first cut of the competition.

1:15am and roving reporter Dave Kerr is back at the hotel as the contestants arrive back from the theatre and says they have 8 hours to rehearse for tomorrow, and that includes sleep. The remaining competitors have their next challenge – the group performances. Everyone has to find their own groups. Girls with Girls. Guys with Guys. And put together a performance that will blow away the judges.

After a long night, some groups are ready, some are not, and some are in trouble. Montana doesn’t have a group and metaller Dan Legrand has left the building.

After one night of rehearsals, the groups are on stage. First up is Cindy Whiteman, Krystle Pederson, Amanda De Freitas and Venus Bertrand look like a girl group.

Jason Remington Ford’s group isn’t very good or well rehearsed.

Sabrina Korva, Brenna Daley and Pamela Sabara’s group sing Kiss Me and it’s really not very good at all.

Jessica Charland and Jessyka Lapierre’s(who has the english lyrics written on her hand) group have had some language barriers. Jessyka is clearly upset by the challenges of performing in her second language.

Morgan, Liam and Cole are up next but Zack gets upset and jumps up on stage to show them how to perform. He’s pushing them around out of frustration at not seeing performances that are actually performances.

It’s time for the pep talk. Lets see if anyone has taken any notice.

Adam Karch, Dani Star, Ryan Langlois and Duane Lauzon, Aaron Reed, Mark Wolf, Jaydee Bixby, Paul MacIntosh, Greg Sykes are “taking it easy” but it was pretty hard on the ear. Zack says that they should pray that the never have to do that again.

Paul Filek, Greg Neufeld and Andrew finally put some reasonable harmonies together and an all round good performance much to Sass’s delight.

Khalila G and Jessica Sheppard’s group are great but the tones are all very low.

Katrina Melody and Kat Harper’s group was terrible.

Montana performs Kiss Me by herself because of her group troubles but will that be ok with the judges?

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