Season 2 Episode 1 - Where Mika goes home

Thousands of girls from all across the country have a dream but only one can be Canada’s Next Top Model.

Ten girls stand in a room thinking they’ve made it to the top 10 but little do they realise that another 10 girls are about to walk in, making it a top 20. However, Jay Manuel tells them that they need to cut it down to 10. He brings in their coaches, model coach Stacey McKenzie and creative director Nolé Marin.

Elle, 20 from Abbotsford, BC is first to face the judges. She says she is Canada’s Next Top Model. She gives them a strong runway walk and shows off some cleavage at the end which causes Nolé to exclaim “Where did that come from?!”

Cori, 18 from Val Caron, ON has had some emotional stuff happen to her in the last couple of years. Her boyfriend died in a car accident. Then her grandmother. Then her dog.

Janine, 19 from Woodbridge, ON says she’s not only gorgeous but she’s mentally stable.

Sonia, 18 from Pit Meadows, BC wants to prove that a 5″8 girl with a bump on her nose can do it.

Jacqueline, 20 from Vancouver, BC is beautiful once she pulls the hair off her face.

Rebecca, 21 from Mannheim, ON is a raw meat processing girl who wants to get into fashion.

Leanne, 18 from Calgary, AB has been pursuing modelling for a very long time.

Regine, 24 from Montreal, QC, Sinead, 18 from Chatham, ON, Stephanie, 25 from Calgary, AB get flashed at us.

Steff, 18 from Cornwall, ON has been volunteer modelling since she was 8 years old at the mall.

Lacey, 24 from Kelowna, BC si really beautiful.

Gillian, 18 from Victoria, BC has no experience but wants to learn.

Tara, 18 from Calgary, AB is a dancer.

Gina, 23 from Calgary, AB, Michelle (Mika), 25 from Toronto, ON, Meghan, 20 from Moncton, NB, amd Kara, 20 from Brantford, ON also get splashed onto our screens.

Tia, 19 from Montreal, QC loves fashion and photography.

Mo, 20 from Toronto, ON thinks she was born to model.

Nolé, Stacey and Jay go through all the girls to narrow down the list from 20 to 10. The decision is made and Jay now heads down to tell them which of them are into the Top 10.

The first girl into the Top 10 is Tara followed by Steff then Jaqueline, Mo, Cori. 5 Left from 15. It’s the dimpled Gina followed by Rebecca and Tia. Sinead goes through. The last girl to make it through is Michelle (Mika).

Jay reassures the girls that are going home that they still beat out thousands of other girls to get as far as they did and that it’s not the end for them.

The top 10 get taken to the house they’ll be living in during the competitions. There are images of Jay all over the house. They’re all pretty excited with all the goodie bags they each get. They celebrate a little with some wine.

The first J mail arrives and tells the girls that competition has started and theat they need to bring their best game tomorrow and nothing else.

Nolé meets the 10 girls at a club in downtown Toronto. Paul Alexander is the photographer for the day and there are two male models who will be posing with the girls in their first shoot, which just so happens to be nude.

It’s a tough shoot for many of these girls. Some of whom are worried about what their boyfriends would be thinking if they say what their first shoot was.

Jay mail comes in and Jay informs them that they’ll all be standing in front of the judges today and one of them will be going home.

Celebrity and Fashion Photographer Paul Alexander, International and supermodel at the top of her game Yasmin Warsame and Fashion editor Jeanne Beker are the judges who will pick who is staying and who is going.

First up is the individual assessments. First up is Tia who found it tricky with the line between sensuality and sexuality. Jeanne asks if she’s ever done anything like that before and then clarifies it by saying “in front of the cameras”.

Cori says she felt a bit of chemistry with the male model.

Tara looks completely different and full of confidence in her shot.

Jacqueline looks like a completely seductive.

Mika has an edge in her photo which they like but think it might be a little pornographic.

They think Mo’s photos are completely different and think it was beautiful but not what they asked.

Sinead is next and says she was incredibly uncomfortable and her legs were shaking but they think there is something beautiful and serene about her face.

Gina is kinda overpowered by the male model in the shot.

Rebecca’s face looks like an illustration but she looks awkward.

Steff’s shot leaves them with stunned silence. They think it looks like a man in drag and they don’t like it at all.

The judges have their time to deliberate and decide who is going to be sent home.

Jay holds the nine photographs of the girls who will be proceeding to the next round.

Cori is the first one to receive her photo. The next is Tara. Rebecca. Jacqueline. Tia. Sinead. Mo. Gina. It’s down to Steff and Mika. The last girl to receive their photo is Steff. Mika has to head back to the house and pack her bags and head home where she will have to face her father who didn’t want her to pursue this.

There are tears as Jay tells Steff not to let them see another photograph like that.

Mika isn’t absolutely surprised as she didn’t really feel like she belonged.

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  • stacy

    I soo wanted to be in the next top model, but I missed it, by the time i went to apply, it was to late. Hopefully i’ll get a chance next year….everyone knows I could do it, and so do I. 🙂


  • KiwiXX < 33 xD

    does any1 knw wht the male models’r called?? ;P the frst guy2cme out was AN ABSOLUTELY AMAZINGLY UTTERLY COMPLETELY PURE F*CKNG PIECE OF HAWTTNESZSZSZ!!! ARGHH!!! x} bliissss… xD
    dunno why but the way hes pouting mkes me HAPPIIIII xD