Scrubs Season 7 Spoiler!! Get Ready for this!

Fans of Scrubs who have been left in the dark about the status of J.D and Elliot after their season-ending break-up have to get ready for this… an unnamed source has confirmed that the seventh season will begin with a Wedding!

What does this mean for J.D. and Elliot? What about Kim’s place in the relationship? Or could it possibly be another character??

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  • dude

    the link doesn’t work, please make it work!

  • Wanker

    … But Elliot and Keith are getting married. Duh D:

  • I am the real life Dr.Cox

    The possibilities of the wedding being Eliot and Keith aren’t good. You all are forgetting that Perry and Jordan are together, and could possibly be getting married again, for good, but the whole idea of it being Keith and Eliot is just so damn obvious that having that be the season opener would give no meaning to the rest of the season and would void the other 17 episodes

  • Kenneth Wagner

    IT could be carla and turk renewing their vows

  • jay cee

    i think that eliiot and jd will end up together because they will both admit to their people that they kissed and they still lov each other, the marriage is between cox and jordan, and jds baby will be born in either the first or second episode. kim might leave jd with the baby after its born…

  • Slslookout

    5 Bucks says JD dies in a car crash or some sort and it ends with his funeral. Cox cries. Carla and turk take in Kim to be with them. Elliot is devastated etc… JD watches the funeral as a ghost with Laverne and Kelso. Kelso is apparently going to die in season 7.

  • I am the real life Dr. Cox

    That link is set up by the site and will only take you to a wedding site that has no particular use in Scrubs. Oh and by the way, so i can stay with the Dr.Cox persona, im gonna burst your bubble right now. Keith and Eliot call off the wedding. Why? watch to find out. another person dies before the final episode, and you might or might not see it coming, or it might not happen at all, but i will say this, it will end a 20yr fued. There have been rumors of Kim dying, but dont listen to them, shes not the one that bites the dust. And that little permed up woman or as she prefers to be called JD, his brother returns and lets not forget the emotionally-crippled narcacist and the bioglogically engineered battle ax are still together. Well ive flattened Wankers hopes, ive helped “dude” realizze that sites create links and now im off.

  • Carpe Diem


  • me

    u seriously feel like your a dr cox…? get a grip u complete tool. scrubs uses a great technique of comedy, worry, and (theatre) realism to try and get people in a place where they feel they can trust the stage, and those performing on it.. its the most basic simple state to put people in; and “I am the real life Dr.Cox” that you seem to think you are some-how akin to a person in scrubs… well that just shows your subject to it like everyone else that you like to try and convince yourself your above on some “common sense” field… well heres the perfect most clear truth youl ever read…

    its a fucking tv show.

    but im guessing.. youl all come back with the same self involved denial attitude…

    Take care

  • The Real Life Dr. Cox

    Listen to me you self involved little piss-ant, i use this monicar to show my love for the show and the fact that my personality reflects the aspeted personality of the character Dr. Perry Cox, the fact that you mock me for using that name is showing that you are nothing more than a loser that has nothing better to do than post a comment in a Scrubs FAN site and mock people who use names that corespond to their favorite characters, and for the idea that the ideals that the show uses is simply a thing that shows have been doing since the dawn of TV. And as for feeling that i am somehow akin to John McGinly’s character is complete ludiacrity, and shows how self-gratified that you are.

    And Although this seems to be a re-statement of what i have previously stated, your mediocrity and idiocy for judging me for what ever monicar that i so choose to use is just showing how idiotic and stupid that you are , when the fact is that you only judge me for what name i choose to post with, shows nothing more than a strong fascist idea of controlling people, and if wish to post something else to me, send it to my email, and we can leave this FAN site in peace.

  • Artemis

    So.. you think the Real Life Doctor Cox would comment on this sort of shit? Clearly you wish you be like Cox, but ya fail champo!.. go kill yourself retard!

  • Detective Sinstin

    my name is Detective Sinstin, i am here because i am looking for any real information on the series ending season of Scrubs. The email of one “The Real Dr.Cox” is actually my email. I let my brother use it so please dont send me any more emails, unless it is with information containing real news about the series, thank you and please excuse my brother’s stupidness. Thank you again.

  • dima duzen

    your grammar and spelling are terrible. the word is “moniker,” not monicar,” and “you’re” is the abbreviation of “you are,” not “your.” also, i don’t think you understand what medicority means, or what fascism is, and your phrasing in general suggests someone on a second grade reading level. i have no vested interest in this, i found it trying to find a place to download the new episode, and your writing was so abhorrent that i found myself compelled to comment.

  • pete

    what the f***, have you to little girls read the speil of crap you’ve been typing. get u bloody clue dudes

  • nevilp_2004

    nobody gets married… everybody is just single again… janitor by the way has a girlfriend… kelso is getting better with people… so dudes feast on it!!! sorry for spoiling ur series…

  • Markuuuuuus

    JD finds out that his baby with kim was really dr Kelso. So he buys a gun off turks cousin and shoots dr kelso, i know its crazy but its happens. Then the Todd and Tedd rush down to the scene to and the get hit by a massive lorry and both die. Later on in the season Carla comes home with Elliot after seeing JD in prison to find Turk and Dr Cox having gay sex. Then at the end of the scene elliot pulls her pants down n flips out her willy .Maddest season ever

  • St Curt12

    That Is A Lie

  • regan

    do you mind? seriously.. quit it!

  • Terry

    I work for touchstone television and what that markuuuuuuuus is saying or whatever his name is, is partly true. Not all of it, i hear the producers speaking everyday because i work in the studio next to them and some of the thoughts that markuuus has come up with have been mentioned in the final episodes of scrubs season 7. Markuuuus were are you getting this information from ??? please reply. Terry

  • jess


    THANX!!!!! {:


  • skinnehjeans

    sorry to say but most of you are wrong besides nevilp_2004. and the wedding IS most likely dr. cox and jordin, saying they are still divorced. and I heard JD & Elliot dont end up together, but I know that Elliot doesnt end up marrying Keith.

  • This is directed to “I am the real life Dr Cox”. First of all, you are clearly an idiot. Secondly, if anyone in the world can be likened to Dr Cox, it’s my partner. He is actually a doctor who elongates words to prove a point, is mean to everyone and has a partner (me) who is not his wife who is also mean to everyone! This is actually the reason why we started watching ‘Scrubs’, because a friend of his suggested that he watch it to see the strangely similar characters.

    I’ve watched season 7 and this is what happens as far as I have seen:
    – Elliot calls off the wedding and Keith starts being really mean to her in public
    – Kim has the baby and JD tells her during the labour that he could never really fall in love with her again and she leaves him
    – The janitor has a girlfriend and he gets lessons from Carla on how to hide his crazy
    – Dan comes to visit, he has a new job (something in real estate i think, I can’t remember) and he has lots of money and is grown up and sensible and tells JD that he has a son now and he should start to grow up He also buys JD a car so he can see his son Sam more
    – Elliot insists on finding out how old Kelso is and throws him a Birthday party which he says he doesn’t want. They find out that he is 64 (I think) and they have a party and he gives in. Then at the end of the episode, one of the board members somes in and says, “All Chief’s of Medicine have to retire at 64, we’re starting interviews for your replacement”
    – Aloma Wright (Nurse Roberts) comes back as a new character… it’s really wierd and everyone keeps saying, “Wow you look like someone who used to work here”

    That’s as far as I’ve watched!!!

  • Tristan

    um…. dr kelso turns 65 btw. it think season 7 will end with elliot and jd finally getting together, or maybe whale boy will come back. either way jd is doomed to never move up in the world of medicine it seems. show has gone downhill, too much drama and babies, jd is a noob

  • hat4crazies

    ur all weird its just a show

  • Duuuuuuuuuude

    Dr Kelso gets drunk with Turk and they both go back to Jd’s. Turk bums Dr Kelso and kelso wakes up with a sore bum. Goes the police and gets turk done for rape. Meanwhile Jd has a massive sword fight on top of the hospital with the Janiter. JD GETS KILLED. Then Carla comes along and sits on Jds face. i know sick bitch. Elliot dies too, ske kills her self by sucking on a vacuum filled with glue while hanging her and playing with her bean.
    skinnehjeans you suck monkey nuts

  • Duuuuuuuuuuuuude

    Markus you sound like a real neat guy. You sound like a sexy man and loaded you should replace jesus HE SUCKS AND YOU ARE WELL BETTER.
    The trailer for the next series is on this site

  • Zeruvi

    This season was a dismal 11 episodes, because of a writers strike towards the end. The season had very little storyline, but this is what happened.

    -Elliot hands back the engagement ring to Keith, because she wanted to be married so badly she didn’t realise who she was marrying.
    -Later in the first episode they hook up again, and then she breaks up with him again.
    -Enid kicks Kelso out of the house, so he is living in the hospital.
    -During Kims labour she asks JD if he’ll ever be able to love her, he says no, she dumps him. (She is never seen again in the series.)
    -Elliot throws Kelso a birthday party and uses the janitors personel file keys to find out his age (65), despite his claims that he’s 58. The board later tell Kelso taht they replace all Chiefs of medicine at 65, so he will be forced to leave within the next 6 months.
    -The lady that played Luverne comes back as a new nurse, and everyone thinks ‘you look familiar’.
    -Dan comes to town with a new Real Estate job (He’s good at it apparently because it requires lots of lying). He buys JD a car because JD was the one that told Dan to get his act together. JD, who liked to think that no matter how bad his life was, Dans was always worse, smashes the windscreen of the car, telling Dan that he’s the one that’s supposed to be the loser.
    -Turk loses a testicle because Izzy kicked him in the groin.
    -Elliot finds out that Kelso will be kicked out soon so she and Carla get the hospitals biggest voices (Cox, Mickhead, Beardface, Kernal Doctor, Janitor, Jordan) to speak against him getting kicked out.
    -Kelso spends an entire day being nostalgic on the bench out the front of the hospital with an intern (Boon, however you spell that.)
    -The board let Kelso stay, and Kelso says he “Wanted to end the job on his own terms, so since you’re letting me do that, blow it out your ass”. He then walks out taking a giant Kelso portrait with him. Elliot asks ‘I wonder if he even cared about this place at all’, and Boon says ‘Yeah, he did.’ (I cried.)
    -Dr Cox gets named Intern Chief of Medicine until they find a replacement. He neglects all his new duties.
    -The final episode was directed by Zach Braff (JD), and was made as a fairy tale. The episode starts with Jack, Dr Cox’s son asking daddy for a story. Jordan says ‘No hospital stories’, so Dr Cox tells a fantastical story that took place in the realm of Sacredheartia, with the princess (Elliot), The Village Idiot (JD), and Turla the 2-headed witch (Turk and Carla). Though it was a fantastic episode, it made little sense because somehow Dr Kelso had appeared back on the show and was Chiefing the hospital (in the little parts where it showed hospital stuff. In the fairy tale he was the Dark Lord of the Forbidden Forest).

    Of course much more happened, I just put in the main storyline bits.

    Though every episode on its own was packed with the regular humour and small drama, the series on a whole wasn’t like the first few series. Hopefully Season 8 will be much better with happy writers instead of strikes 😛