June 2007

198 golden ticket winners have arrived in Toronto for the most intense week of Idol competition. Tonight will see some of the best ever performances on the Canadian Idol stage as hopefuls put it all on the line for the greatest musical prize in the country.

Tonight, many dreams will be made but many more will be denied. The fight for the Top 22 begins now.

They’ve come from all across the country for the opportunity of a lifetime and are congregating at the historic Fairmont Royal York.

The judges give the contestants a pep talk before the stage is handed over to them where they will each get one chance to impress the judges and try and secure a spot in the next round.

First up was Dwight D’eon and with Farley away for the morning, he only had three judges to impress. Dwight impresses with the Goo Goo Doll’s Iris. Last years top 100 contestant Paul Fracassi has a spirited performance. Geoffrey Stone tinkers away on the piano and adds real talent to the stage.

In the next group is Dan Legrand whose buddy has abandoned the trip to Toronto. Dan rocks it up with some metal and Sass asks if they can keep him for one more day. Tyler Mullendore is such a pro and looks like such a rocker. He gets the other contestants all rocking and clapping along. Joel Martin performs an old school classic with an acoustic twist. Baby’s Got Back!

Keir Harper offers up a rocky version of Leyla. Devin Herbert plays along to some Mika while Jesse Friend and Doreen do themselves no favours with their song choices. Gary Patey, Josh Barrett and Joshua Grant all try big notes and squeeze out something else.

The judges have to eliminate close to 80 competitors on the first day. Whole lines are being cut which hits home with the contestants that the competition really is on.

Christine Hanlon is singing some Queen with some beautiful tones. Morgan Donaldson will be this years token emo and felt as though his nerves really let him down which prevented him from making the top 100. Morgan gets put through to day two without having to stand in a line.

Naomi-Joy Blackhall, Tara Oram and Montana Martin Iles all put their stamp on spots in tomorrows round as does Maud Coussa-Jandl. Brian Melo shows how well it can work when you choose the right song. Todd Scott is one of six from Newfoundland. Paul Clifford moved everyone in the room with his performance.

Jaydee Bixby is fantastic for 16 and once again lets all the other contestants know that there is some serious competition in Canadian Idol in 2007.

128 have made it past the first cut of the competition.

1:15am and roving reporter Dave Kerr is back at the hotel as the contestants arrive back from the theatre and says they have 8 hours to rehearse for tomorrow, and that includes sleep. The remaining competitors have their next challenge – the group performances. Everyone has to find their own groups. Girls with Girls. Guys with Guys. And put together a performance that will blow away the judges.

After a long night, some groups are ready, some are not, and some are in trouble. Montana doesn’t have a group and metaller Dan Legrand has left the building.

After one night of rehearsals, the groups are on stage. First up is Cindy Whiteman, Krystle Pederson, Amanda De Freitas and Venus Bertrand look like a girl group.

Jason Remington Ford’s group isn’t very good or well rehearsed.

Sabrina Korva, Brenna Daley and Pamela Sabara’s group sing Kiss Me and it’s really not very good at all.

Jessica Charland and Jessyka Lapierre’s(who has the english lyrics written on her hand) group have had some language barriers. Jessyka is clearly upset by the challenges of performing in her second language.

Morgan, Liam and Cole are up next but Zack gets upset and jumps up on stage to show them how to perform. He’s pushing them around out of frustration at not seeing performances that are actually performances.

It’s time for the pep talk. Lets see if anyone has taken any notice.

Adam Karch, Dani Star, Ryan Langlois and Duane Lauzon, Aaron Reed, Mark Wolf, Jaydee Bixby, Paul MacIntosh, Greg Sykes are “taking it easy” but it was pretty hard on the ear. Zack says that they should pray that the never have to do that again.

Paul Filek, Greg Neufeld and Andrew finally put some reasonable harmonies together and an all round good performance much to Sass’s delight.

Khalila G and Jessica Sheppard’s group are great but the tones are all very low.

Katrina Melody and Kat Harper’s group was terrible.

Montana performs Kiss Me by herself because of her group troubles but will that be ok with the judges?


After last week’s show Adam, Shalini and Sam are all safe while Trever and Hilary are in the bottom two.

The result will be announced at the end of tonight’s show.

David Frankel is tonight’s guest Judge.

First up to premiere their short film this week is Andrew. His film is called Polished.
To Vote for Andrew’s film:

Next up is David. His short film is called Love at First Shot.
To Vote for David’s film:

Shira-Lee is next with her short film Beeline.
To Vote for Shira-Lee’s film:

Marty Martin is next with his film Dance with The Devil
To Vote for Marty’s film:

Kenny is last with his film Edge on the End
To vote for Kenny’s film:

The results of last weeks vote is in and leaving is Trever.

The judges picks were Beeline and Polished.

Next Tuesday the results will be in as well as the next 5 short films.

This week in the hunt for the treasure, the red crew made it through to the sabotage point first and cut the rope to drop the bamboo poles on top of the captains team. Louie found the skull first to find the key which will open the chest that is hidden under a nearby waterfall. Louie leads the team to get the treasure before the captains team who is still in the river hunting for their skull.

There is $35,000 in the chest and with the reward comes the chance to elect a new captain. Azmyth is elected unanimously and he chooses Juptier and Jay as his officers. Rather than keeping the $17,500 for himself, he distributes the money equally amongst his crew.

When it comes to the black spot, Cheryl, Alexis and Laurel while Joe Don, the previous captain, is saved from being cut adrift. The vote is a tie between Alexis and Cheryl. Therefore, the captain needs to decide who will be cut adrift. His decision is to cut Alexis adrift meaning that Cheryl, who was an officer under the previous captain, is saved for another week.

Monday, July 16 at 8pm ET
Canadians will get an exclusive look inside the life of international superstar Victoria Beckham as she moves from posh London to Los Angeles in the one hour special.

By slipping inside Victoria’s larger-than-life world, viewers will discover the woman behind the fashion icon – including her sense of humour. Some of the most insightful and hilarious moments of the show comes from Victoria herself as she pokes fun at her public image.

Victoria exploded into the public consciousness world-wide as a member of the hit 90’s all-girl supergroup “The Spice Girls.” Victoria was known as “Posh Spice,” the elegant and confident member of the ensemble. The group sold millions of albums around the globe before disbanding in 2001.

She later moved on to a solo career, and had a couple of hits including “Not Such an Innocent Girl” and “This Groove/Let Your Head Go On.”

In 1999, Victoria married soccer superstar David Beckham and quickly became one of the world’s most celebrated couples.

Victoria has now turned her attention to fashion, designing “VB Rocks,” a line of high-end jeans for “Rock” and “Republic.” She’s now launched her own jeans label called dVb, as well as her own line of sunglasses and perfume. Victoria also penned a best selling style bible “That Extra Half an Inch.”

The Girls are reflecting on Mika’s departure last week. Tia is very happy about it.

Outside they discover there is a jacuzi warming up for them.

This week they’re going to style the girls and give them completely different hair styles.

Stylist Gisela Castillo will be working with the girls to come up with their new look.

Covergirl have provided a goodie pack for all the girls.

John van der schilden is photographing the girls in their new looks. First up is Sinead who has had her long hair cut off so that she looks more like Natalie Portman.

Tia loved her makeover and thought she felt like a Bond girl.

Jacqueline’s hair color is gorgeous and has a lot more body to it.

Tara’s transformation is phenomenal with the tight curls being replaced by long flowing locks.

Rebecca isn’t happy with her hair color and feels that all the other girls got great hair.

Gina’s gone from blonde to brown and it looks great.

Cori looks incredible with her new look.

Mo’s look is similar to what she has but she just looks a million times better.

I didn’t really like the outfit they gave Steff to wear but her hair was nicer without the roots showing.

Sinead is chosen as the standout of the day and she wins a $5000 shopping spree courtesy of Visa. She’s incredibly happy as you can imagine.

There is Jaymail which asks them if they’re going to stand out in the crowd.

While the girls head to the jacuzi, Gina isn’t interested. Tara is getting a reputation as the scary girl but she says she’s here to win.

Today the girls are doing their beauty shots. Dan Lim is going to be the photographer and Nolé shows the girls what props they’re going to use. Real sea creatures.

Sinead is first up and has an octopus on her head.

Rebecca is still not comfortable with her makeover.

Jacqueline isn’t taking direction very well.

Steff just isn’t photogenic.

Tara served up an amazing shot with the crab on her head.

Gina with the calamari fringe looks gorgeous.

Mo has seaweed around her neck and fish in her hair but they’re not confident she’s a beauty girl.

Tia was fantastic with the shrimp and gave the best shot of the day.

Cori can take an amazing photo but it’s more about luck.

When Sinead arrives back from her shopping spree and has a gift for everyone. Tara is incredibly jealous though.

Back at the house there is a dress for each of them which they need to wear to judging tomorrow.

In the judging room, the girls are given a table of accessories which they are then given 30 seconds to add to their little black dress.

Sinead is up first and they take a look at her photo and they love it.

Mo’s photo makes her look blank.

Gina’s expressions were too hard for the makeup she had applied.

Tia really looks like she’s working the camera and looks so good.

Cori’s photo is just beautiful. The judges love the innocence.

Tara needs a little more intensity in her eyes but she’s so dynamic.

Rebecca isn’t so confident but her photo is haunting.

Jacqueline has an absolutely stunning face in her photo.

Steff is getting her grilling about her phobia during the shoot and how that would cost $20,000 an hour and in the real world that would come out of her pay. Sinead then faints in the middle of it. She’s ok but a little dehydrated. The girls get a lecture about looking after themselves before Steff sees her photo. She looks masculine again which isn’t going to work in her favour.

The judges deliberate before bringing the girls back in.

Getting a copy of their photo and still being in the running to be Canada’s Next Top Model:
Sinead, Rebecca, Tara, Cori, Tia, Mo, Gina and Steff.

Going home this week is Jacqueline.

RIP Don Herbert aged 89, host and creator of Mr. Wizard. The award-winning science show initially screened from 1951 – 1964 but ran as Mr. Wizard’s World in the 80’s. Don encouraged children to conduct experiments at home and taught them how to be a budding scientist and was a groundbreaking show.

Last year, for the first time ever, our Idol came from the province of Québec and now we’re back in Montréal where thousands of hopefuls are trying to make it two in a row.

Poor Ben Mulroney gets roped into the judging room when Maxime Tremblay, 17 from Saguenay, QC arrives and speaks more French than he does English and so needs a translator. It’s not that great with all the arms waving everywhere and the judges ask Ben’s opinion to which he replies he was only there to translate. Afterwards, Ben tells them never to invite him into the judgeing room again.

After one contestant gets a solid no for having no real charisma despite having reasonable tone, in walks Kira Lina, 25 from Montréal, QC. She is told why the last girl didn’t get through and then proceeds to repeat the same mistakes. They say no and she’s just walking out the door when they tell her she should have powered up. She sings again and convinces them to change their minds. Off to Toronto she goes.

There have been plenty of guitars during the Canadian Idol auditions but this is the first time that anyone has bought in a pair of spoons. Benoît Cliché, 24 from Québec, QC can’t sing to save himself but he’s a real pro with the spoons.

Ben Griffin, 28 from Montréal, QC is a teacher, has a beautiful voice and is a real performer. He gets a golden ticket for sure.

Sass Jordan has sold over 1 million albums and continues to rock and says that performing today is no different from what it used to be. After managing acts like Maesto, Farley Flex established Canada’s first urban radio station Flow. Zack Werner’s band Thick as Thieves was a mainstay in Los Angeles until he realised that his talent didn’t lie in making the music himself but understanding how others were making the music and how he could help them. Jake Gold is one of the best managers in the industry and has turn many local bands into national icons.

Arthur Kalimidis, 22 from Montréal, QC plays his own original song which actually really nice. The judges like him but his screaming friend doesn’t get a look in.

We haven’t seen many French speakers make it through on Canadian Idol but Jessyka Lapierre, 18 from St Lambert, QC is one. She struggles with her english but her French sounds as gorgeous as she looks so it’s Golden Ticket Time for her.

22 hopefuls made it through to the next round in Toronto from Montréal.

Vancouver is the next stop on the audition tour.

Liam Styles Chang, 16 from Victoria, BC would have got a no from me and Zack but the other three make him Vancouver’s first golden ticket.

Carly Rae Jepsen, 21 from Misssion, BC tells the judges before she sings that just because she is playing a guitar, that doesn’t make her a guitar player. She’s great but her guitar is out of tune. Zack hopes that she doesn’t get through so she can come and work with him instead. They all love her.

Back auditioning again is Greg Neufeld, 23 Abbotsford, BC. This time he has a guitar. They give him a yes but they tell that it’s likely to work against him so he’s going to have to really prove himself to the Canadian public.

19 dreams are still alive from everyone that auditioned in Vancouver.

The Paris of the Prairies is next on the tour to find the next Canadian Idol.

Apprentice gasfitter Ryan Langlois, 28 from Pierceland, SK is firstly a dad but he really wants a shot at music via Canadian Idol. He doesn’t have the strongest voice but he sold the story of the song so he’s getting a golden ticket to Toronto.

Joshua Grant, 20 from Saskatoon, SK is next and is another well established performer. Zack says that if Kalan Porter was in the room he’d smoke him left right and centre. The rest of the judges give him his golden ticket though.

15 tickets of gold to Toronto are handed out in Saskatoon before the tour heads off to the next stop of London.

Sam Romijm, 16 from Goderich, ON has a 4 foot sidekick who dances a merry jig as he saws away on his violin. When he gets to singing, he’s actually quite nice to listen to. He completely looks out of place but they love his tone. Definitely needs some styling. They all love him so he’s off to Toronto.

Stepping into the room is 16 year old Martha Joy from Toronto, ON. She looks good and sounds a lot older than she actually is. She blows the judges away with her rendition of Whitney Houston’s I Have Nothing. They love her and think she might be the best 16 year old they’ve ever had on the show and Zack goes as far as thinking she might very well be the next Canadian Idol.

Jessica Sheppard, 21 from Bowmanville, ON is the last contestant to audition we’ll get to see this season and they’ve saved the best till last. They absolutely love her and Jake says it’s the first time he’s had chills this season while Sass says she might very well be the best singer they’ve ever had on the show. Outside her mother is over the moon.

In total, the judges have made 198 Canadian Idol dreams a little closer to reality. Next week is going to gut-wrenching at the judges cut the numbers down to our Top 22.

Aspiring novelists will now get their own chance to strut across the reality TV airwaves in a new reailty show hosted in the UK by Tony Cowell, the older brother of Big Brother’s Simon Cowell. The wannabe writers will pitch their manuscripts to a panel of authors including Jeffrey Archer and Jackie Collins and learn the tricks of the trade at getting their first book published. Contestants must have their manuscript already completed and it must be their first book to be published. Prizes include publishing deals on both sides of the Atlantic in the ever-important American and British markets.

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Fans of Scrubs who have been left in the dark about the status of J.D and Elliot after their season-ending break-up have to get ready for this… an unnamed source has confirmed that the seventh season will begin with a Wedding!

What does this mean for J.D. and Elliot? What about Kim’s place in the relationship? Or could it possibly be another character??

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CBC has kicked off its Fall season with a bang, showing off for the paparazzi a who’s who of Canadian television stardom. The Fall season will feature the return of “Little Mosque on the Prairie” as well as specially designed made for tv movie “Henry VIII.” The network also has some much-vaunted premieres that promise to steal even more ratings for the public broadcaster from the American-dominated Canadian television airwaves.

Will a glitzy start be enough for the CBC? Everyone in Canada gets to see it even if their rabbit-ears are out of date, so here’s looking to the future of Canadian television!

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