Episode 3 Alexis gets cut adrift

This week in the hunt for the treasure, the red crew made it through to the sabotage point first and cut the rope to drop the bamboo poles on top of the captains team. Louie found the skull first to find the key which will open the chest that is hidden under a nearby waterfall. Louie leads the team to get the treasure before the captains team who is still in the river hunting for their skull.

There is $35,000 in the chest and with the reward comes the chance to elect a new captain. Azmyth is elected unanimously and he chooses Juptier and Jay as his officers. Rather than keeping the $17,500 for himself, he distributes the money equally amongst his crew.

When it comes to the black spot, Cheryl, Alexis and Laurel while Joe Don, the previous captain, is saved from being cut adrift. The vote is a tie between Alexis and Cheryl. Therefore, the captain needs to decide who will be cut adrift. His decision is to cut Alexis adrift meaning that Cheryl, who was an officer under the previous captain, is saved for another week.

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