Grey's Anatomy: What do you think of the Guest Star Down-Trou?

Thursday Night’s Grey’s Anatomy in the US is drawing some attention in the blogger world. Guest star Mitch Pileggi comes into the hospital complaining of swollen hardware and does a down-trou for the benefit of Grey’s doctors.

And what are the fuzzy, out of focus, round things that the odd between-the-legs camera angle highlights for tv audiences around the globe? The buzz on the internet is that its the first un-censored scrotum shot to make the airwaves in any television-broadcasting country in the world. The shows producers claim that its nothing more than the face of the guest star peering through his legs back at the sneaky camera angle. You’ll have to be the judge of this one, folks! This intrepid reporter from blogworld scoped the scene on my own recording, but it seems to me that the evidence is a little too hairy to be conclusive.

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