When will Grapes Realize he's sour??

Ok, So I know that Don Cherry has been a Canadian icon since the time of John A. MacDonald, but really, when is this over-the-hill coach going to retire from the Coaches Corner section of our beloved Hockey Night In Canada? The CBC is advertising a new, revamped Hockey Night in Canada crew, but is it not a little bit sad that the only super star the CBC can attract is a washed up and racist old coach from the 1970s??

I grew up with Grapes and his Rock Em Sock Em hockey just like most other hockey fans in the country, but I just can’t imagine that there aren’t any other edgy and interesting hockey commentators to make Ron MacLean’s job as straight guy interesting. Why not get Bubbles or Ricky or Julian from the Trailer Park Boys? At least then we would know that our hockey commentators are really just entertainers.

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  • Rev. Dr. T. Seney

    Without Don Cherry and Ron McLean, HNIC wouldn’t have the same punch. Hockey is LESS entertaining that it used to be. It isn’t fun any more. At least Don and Ron provide entertainment and information. HNIC has already stopped playing the “anthem” or “theme”, and to get rid of Don before he’s ready to step down reeks of selling out to please the ‘politically correct’ proponents. I can’t stand that bunch. Tell it like you see it, shoot straight from the lip, and let the chips fall where they may.

  • JL

    Not to mention the fact that Ron McLean won’t be around for much longer, either.
    He’s been trying to retire for years…