Subway ads on Hockey Night in Canada have got to go

Is anyone else sick to death of the subway ads featuring John Lovitz in masterpiece theatre?? I will admit, at the start of the hockey season i still enjoyed eating subway sandwiches and laughed out loud at this clown from hollywood selling sandwiches and making fun of the “amateur” theatre troupe they hired in. But after a gruelling season where my own team isn’t doing nearly as well as they should be (the maple leafs are a bunch of bums), I must admit that every face off that brings an ad break makes me wretch when i think of buying a sub from subway as a second intermission snack.

when will the NHL warrant its own ads much like the NFL does or the NBA?? Will the Stanley Cup Playoffs give me a respite?? If theres anyone from subway subs and the HNIC ad agency there, tell the powers that be that unless you start showing more varied commercials i will never eat another one of your sandwiches again!

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  • man, I also am tired of those stupid commercials. Maybe it would help if NHL games at a cool halftime show like football games, we’re marching bands tromp out onto the ice and slip and slide around a while trying to play music. I think that would be great. It would appeal to both sides of my personality.