I Hate Soddy British Soaps

OK Really, who watches Coronation Street on CBC??

Are we as Canadians still so colonial minded that our idea of an ideal after-dinner soap opera is to watch some down and out neighbourhood in the slums of urban England go through their sopping pub-splattered woes on television?

Although I’m not a fan of American culture on our tv airwaves any more than I’m a fan of British culture on our tv airwaves, why can’t we as Canadians come up with our own gritty soap operas that revolve around life in Canada?? Perhaps the only reason that this soap still has a place on the CBC is because of those first- generation migrants who still dream of their time back in the urban morass of Manchester or Liverpool, or who just want to follow characters that have been on TV since the airwaves were invented.

Are our own Canadian stories and accents not enough to make a drama from? Until we have our own serious soap operas that are proudly broadcast to the nation, we will always be a little cultural also-ran in the big picture. Importing content to build up canadian advertising dollars will never be worth it, because our soap opera starlets will have to move to Hollywood to make their break! Lets open up suburban Mississauga or Kanata or Laval for the real soap operas that we can relate to.

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  • Anon Ymous

    You say:

    “Until we have our own serious soap operas that are proudly broadcast to the nation…”

    Huh? … serious … soap operas … proudly broadcast … WTF?

    Under no stretch of any intellectual or creative imagination can I imaging a universe in which “serious soap opera proudly broadcast” belong in the same sentence.

    These are escapist entertainment not intended to be meaningful to anyone for anything. Frankly, Corner Gas is about as relevant to a resident of Queen & Jarvis in Toronto as Coronation Street (well actually, Corontation Street does have a gay character). Or Little Mosque on the Prairie to a 10th-generation anglo living in Antigonish NS.

    TV shows are designed to attract a specific audience. If TV has any pedagogic value whatsoever, it is to expose people to things they *don’t* know, not just feeding them stuff already in their comfort zone.

    Grow up.

  • CeePee

    There have been canadian soap operas (riverdale for instance) and they have done terribly (which explains why they arent on the tv right now). Do your research and youll find that Coronation street brings some of the highest ratings on the CBC. Why else would they have moved it from 3.00 to 7pm (prime time)? You need to get over your boring and no longer relevant anti royalty/british predjudice.