W-FIVE Uncovers CN Involvement in a String of Freight Train Derailments

W-FIVE Uncovers CN Involvement in a String of Freight Train Derailments

The romantic image of the Canadian railway is long gone. Over the past few years a string of major freight train derailments has devastated some communities throughout Canada. All too often the trains involved in the accidents have the familiar CN logo – Canadian National Railway. In a new episode, W-FIVE exposes CN’s shocking track record and investigates how the Canadian icon may have sacrificed rail safety. W-FIVE airs Saturday February 10 at 7 p.m. on CTV (check local listings).

Since new de-regulation rules took effect giving railway companies greater control of safety measures, CN trains have been coming off the tracks in alarming numbers. These train derailments have had devastating results including the evacuation of communities, polluting rivers and lakes, as well as the loss of life. W-FIVE’s Senior Reporter Victor Malarek talks to victims and railway insiders.

In the second half of the program, W-FIVE’s Sandie Rinaldo follows a British Columbia man halfway around the world on a quest for a new life. Facing up to an eight-year wait for a kidney transplant in Canada, he sets off on a controversial journey to buy a kidney from a live donor in Pakistan.

With an ongoing commitment to covering tough, relevant stories in all their shades of gray, W-FIVE continues its 41st season of investigative journalism. Hosted by CTV National News’ Lloyd Robertson and Sandie Rinaldo, the award-winning series is the most-watched current affairs program in Canada. Malcolm Fox is Executive Producer and Anton Koschany is Senior Producer of W-FIVE, a presentation of CTV News. Robert Hurst is President of CTV News.

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    Anyone heard about the latest scare afternoon of 18 March with eastbound intermodal Train 148 losing wheels and having a well-car skidding its body along the tracks around Bathurst street on the York subdivision?

    Fortunately, no cars rolled off the rails in that heavily populated area. North track still tied up at 5:30PM same day.

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