The Last Ten Pounds Bootcamp

The Last Ten Pounds Bootcamp is a brand new Canadian reality series due to screen soon on Slice. The weight loss and “body sculpting” series follows a group of women in the Vancouver area over a period of four weeks. They will have a personal trainer and dietician and a brand new wardrobe.

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  • Jen

    I live in Vancouver and just saw this show. It is so exciting to see a reality show such as this in Canada – and better yet Vancouver! How do you audition for this show? I would love to audition!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    How do I audition for this show? Do you have to live in Vancouver? Is there anything like it in Alberta?

  • Anonymous

    Did you get a reply to your question on how to audition?

  • tiff

    i would also like to audition!!! please e-mail me any details thanks

  • Anonymous

    i would like to nominate my wife for this show, did you get reply from the show

  • Anonymous

    i would like to nominate my wife for this show, did you get reply from the show

  • maureen murphy

    I have been trying to lost 10 lbs for years. I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease and lost a lot of weight 7 years ago. Since then, I am eating healthy and working out 5-6 days a week ( either rowing, running,biking and lifting weights etc.) I am in my early 50 , 5′ 4 1/2″ and weigh 154lbs. That last 10 ish pounds will not go. Help!!!!! I live in Newfoundland…. Great place to do a show. I’m ready. Please help!


  • Shantal McNally

    I, too, would like to participate in this show. I do not like myself when I look in the mirror.

  • Nancy Messner

    How can I audition? I live in Ontario do they travel? I believe this is the best Canadian show I,ve seen in a long time!!!

  • Sherry Sharma

    Please advise how one would go about auditioning for you’re show! I would love the opportunity to challenge both my nutritional and physical state, sign me up!



  • Gabrielle

    I would like to know if there is any way to get in contact with Tommy Europe and Nadeen Boman. I would love to get some tips on what I can do to be and stay in better shape, also how to eat healthier. If I could get on the show, that would be a bonus. Thank you for your time.

  • Cerise Carter

    I would really like to know if there is any way to audition for the show? Also is there any chance someone in Ontario could get on the show? Having extra weight around my stomach has kept me from enjoying my life and going out with friends. I will opt to stay home instead of going out because I do not like the way I look. It has stopped me from accomplishing my goals because of my low self esteem. Please help me! Even any advice. I am too young to let this affect me this deeply.

  • Brandy

    I would love you audition for the show how do I go about doing so?

  • regan

    Casting Call information can be found here

  • Steph

    I live in Halifax NS and I was wondering how I audition for this show! Thanks!

  • Stephanie-Maria

    I am really inspired by “The Last Ten Pounds Boot Camp”. As a 50+ mom to a seven year old, I have found that my once slim body has expanded to a size I am uncomfortable. My thighs have a life independant of my own no matter what I do. I have had a knee injury that has healed. My convalensce took its toll on my body in the form of weight gain.

    I have been exercising and I am in good health. However, I believe that I need help and professional direction to develop a program that includes a new approach to diet (given my metabolism is changing due to an increase in age) to help regain my physical prowess and give me strenght for the second half of life to take care of my family. I believe that my situation would offer other people facing the same time and age challenges inspiration.

  • Nicole Lacoste

    I was wondering if you have o be over 18 to be on the show. I am only 16. And an unhappy teenager spending friday and saturday not hanging out with friends because I’m just.. no longer happy. I come from a ‘bigger’ family. My brother is 17, 6’2 and 310 lbs for example. I am quite smaller than the rest of my family, but fear getting as big as them. I work out every now and then, and try and watch what i eat… But everynow and then when i see a mirror i see a giant belly popping off of me.. And i break down and only eat more. I need professional help!
    but i’m still 155 lbs and only 16 and 5’7. I would LOVE to appear on the show. Show everyone i’m not as weak as they thought i was.

    Please… help me.

  • Gillian Bailey

    I have a three month old second child and have 10 stubborn pounds left to lose. I watch the show regularly and would love to take part. I live in Ontario though. Any chance the show may start taking people from this area at any time?

  • Hey! So nice to hear all of your comments and feedback on The Last 10 Pounds! The second season is launching on October 15th already and Tommy and I are SO excited!

    Thanks again and keep watching 🙂

    Nadeen Boman

  • Alicia Soucie

    I myself, like Gillian, have just had a baby back in May 2007, and would love ot take part in this, but live in Ontario( Ottawa). Any chance of having the trainer and dietician here for the show???

  • Andrea

    Just wondering if your still saccepting new ‘Recruits” for the show…I live on Vancouver Island. I would love the opportunity to lose my last 10 pounds before I get married… thanks!

  • Lori

    I have been watching your show since last year. I find it practical, informative and it re-enforces stratigies that I have already incorporated in my life style for the past 2 and half years.

    That being said, I had a heart attack just before Christmas of last year. That has slowed down some of the intense work I had hoped to do. Do you (Nadeen or Tom) have a program that would be appropriate for an almost “50” with a small medical issue. The nutrition is taken care of, I have lost a total of 6 inches off the body, but can not seem to drop the actual weight. I have gone from the body shape of a pear to an avocado! Great yellow to green!

    Since the heart attack I have stepped up the use of my ski machine, have been able to go back to cross country skiing. Walk many km’s a day,(have a dog that requires lots of exercise); in the summer rode my bike on average 10ks every second day and took up kayaking. However, my ability to stay focused is compromised sometimes with helping my husband to run our business..a grocery store.

    As you are based in Vancouver, do you have a referral system for those of us who live in other parts of Canada?

    Help is always appreciated. Love the show, wish I was in Vancouver so I could meet you both and participate in your programs.

    Thanking you for your inspirational show.

  • Thanks so much for all your comments. We are just finishing up filming the last episode of the second series for Last 10 Pounds. The second season premiered on October 15th and we’re also launching a new series where we put brides to be through a 6 week boot camp so they can fit into their dress. That series launches sometime in January.

    Get your applications in now for the next season of both shows. Go to for the info. Right now we’re set on filming in Vancouver because of it’s beauty and it’s our home! Who knows, that may change down the road so keep checking, or maybe come to Vancouver for a lengthy vacation 🙂

    Thanks again and keep up the good work out there!

    Nadeen Boman

  • Anne

    This is the best show ever! I love it! I have never missed a show yet! AND I MEAN FUCKING BEST!

  • Kim

    I am 26 and just had a baby in October of 2007 and would like to get down to a healthy weight. My weight is about 160lbs and I am 163cm tall, I would like to get down to 118lbs like I was in high school or at least a weight I can fit into nice clothing (not plus size jeans). I’ve had no motivation and I need help to get on the right track of eating healthy. Heart disease and diabeties is in my family history aswell and I don’t want to go down that path.
    I live in Sicamous B.C., a wonderful place for you to come and vist and help me. We have a beautiful beach at the lake to work out on too!
    Thanks for having the show or I would have no hope at all.

  • ivy

    hi there i know you , u all the time buy your grande american in our starbucks (granville and georgia ,downtown) , maybe you dont remember me but hello! lol
    i really love ur tv show
    i want to join in your show if is possible
    i have 1 baby she is almost 2 years , but i cant loose weight ,im so lazy i need someone to help me , i mean someone strong beside me !
    do u know what i mean( im so sorry but my english is not good), its importat to me loose weight and to have a routine in my life, all the time im depress , when i see myself in a mirrow im start to cry:(
    in mexico (my country) i was a model for photografy, and i worked in tv i had my own tv show , i was happy with myself, but now i just think more in my bad feelings than in my own family (my husband and my baby)
    tnx so much

  • Amy

    I love this show. I’m obsessed with watching it and it is driving my boyfriend nuts. I’m not happy with my weight and believe I have some to lose. The women in my family have a tendency of getting big and I want to try to prevent this. My life has been a rollercoaster for the last year and half and as a result I have gained 15 pounds. I keep trying to work out but I need some help with nutrition and workout plan. My extra weight is the thighs, butt and little on the belly and arms. The problem is, I know this show is in Vancouver but if it ever came to Ontario I would be interested in auditioning.

  • Wow! Thank you all SO MUCH for your positive comments and support! I would love to help all of you and wish that we could take the show “on the road” to visit all the Canadian cities and meet everyone that’s inspired by The Last 10 Pounds and/or Bulging Brides.

    Here are some action steps:

    1. Tell the network you LOVE us so we can start filming SEASON 3 of the Last 10 Pounds! Go to and RAVE about Tommy and Nadeen!!!
    2. Apply to be on the show at or email
    3. Check out my favourite episode on – James! Our first male recruit!!! Episode 26 –
    4. Get yourself on a fitness and nutrition plan – visit my site at! It’s your turn to LOSE THE LAST 10 POUNDS!!!

    Keep watching us on Slice – schedule at – cross your fingers for season 3 Last 10 Pounds and season 2 Bulging Brides 🙂


  • stacey

    Hello I am a 26 year old and I have a baby who is 9 mths old, I have to say I definately feel very inspired when I watch your tv show last 10 pounds bootcamp. I currently don’t feel like I am at my goal weight yet, I am been going to the gym faithfully I just can’t seem to get rid of my last few pounds around my legs, thighs and stomach. I have tried going on a detox and also changing my eating habits, my boyfriend thinks that this show would be excellent for me, I would feel so much better about myself. Just curious if you guys ever travel outside of vancouver like around kamloops where I live, lots of nice places around here to workout. Well I will cross my fingers and hope that I get chosen, 4 weeks with you and tommy could be life changing.

  • Flo

    This is a fun & inspiring show to watch, I absolutely love it! Tommy & Nadeen – I would really love to know the names of some of those crazy hills and parks that you run up in Vancouver. A lot of them look like North Van…

    Would you please post some of your filming locations???
    Please and thank you! 🙂

  • Tatiana Zamorano

    Hi my name is Tatiana Zamorano and I am 20 years old I watch your show all the time and think its great and very inspiring I was shocked to see the results. I know you must hear stories all the time but I as well am trying and struggling to lose the last ten pounds I used to weigh 135 pounds and after highschool I went through a real tough time and broke up with a boyfriend of 3 years then I spent 2 months doing absolutley nothin and being very depressed and heart broken so all I did was eat sleep and cry eventually I got back on my feet but in those months I gained alot of weight and now I weigh 150 pounds its awful Its been a year now but Ive tried everything eating well making time to eat I play soccer and work I run in the morning but its just so difficult and it has become a real problem in my life because I do not feel good about myself anymore it has really brought myself esteem down and im really at the end of my rope I really dont know what to do so I decided to e mail your site to see if maybe you guys could help me.
    Thanks for your time I hope you read this!!
    Yours truly Tatiana Zamorano

  • Libby

    Me too! I had emailed them a while back and they basically said “not for now”… booo!!! sooo wish they would!

  • Carly

    I love this show, in fact, I’m watching right now. I’m just wondering wher the final run/hike takes place. It looks tough but so beautiful! Now that the weather is getting nicer, I’d love to move my workout outdoors. Thanks!

  • help!!!


    does anyone know if there’s any way we can contact Nadeen Boman.. because i need tips ASAP.. i am a bridesmaid in july :s…and my dress is TOO TIGHT!!!! 🙁

    i work 8am to 5:30 pm so it’s hard to find time to work out .. like after supper i’m soo exhausted and i dont know what to eat to help me have a better diet.

    any help, advice, tips would be MUCH appreciated 🙂

  • Candice

    The final run/hike is done at Lynn Canyon in North Vancouver. It’s off Hwy 1 and it is absolutely beautiful! You can hike by trail or they have stairs that lead to the top. It is also accompanied by a waterfall and suspension bridge that makes for a pretty great view!
    Hope this helps!

  • txtgirl

    Same question as everyone else here……lol. Im in Winnipeg. Does the show take place in Vancouver only?

  • France

    Your show is an inspiration. Both, my husband and I are police officers and we have horrible schedules. Years ago when we started are careers we were in top shape. Now we both complain about how we look and feel. We are still active, but it’s not the same anymore. We don’t feel good like we used to and every time I see your show it reminds me of what we lost (or gain!). I’m just at a lost to figure out how to bring it back into our lives. If you’re ever in the eastern region of Ontario please look us up, until then I’ll keep looking you up!

    Keep up the good work.

  • linda

    I want to know the same thing…but im in Southern Ontario!

  • AB

    I love your show! Any chance that you would be travelling around BC this season. Myself and a group of my girlfriends are all doing are best to rid ourselves of our last ten pounds but aren’t meeting with much success. We think a group weightloss program would be fun for your show. We are all in Kamloops and would love the change to work out with you guys!

  • Frances

    I live in Northern Alberta and watch this show along with bulging brides every chance I get. I find the success stories very inspiring however I was a little disappointed that you can’t get enough information on the show to really do it as well at home. I see that Tommy sets them up with 30min cardio and 30min weight training but everyone that I know who has lost a substantial amount of weight says that it is 80% diet. It would be great to have a guideline on what type of meal plan to follow – calories etc or even a sample menu. Does anyone have any suggestions?

    Me 🙂

  • Hi Frances, I’m so happy to hear that my show Bulging Brides has inspired you! You’re right that both diet and exercise are important to weight loss and overall health. Having both a fitness and nutrition plan is the key to getting the best results from your efforts.

    On my website,, you’ll find meal plans that are designed for normal people who work, play, and have families that influence their lifestyle choices. If you want a meal plan that works and is easy to follow there’s 3 excellent ones to choose from. Try the Bulge Buster plan for quick weight loss, the Last Few Pounds lifestyle plan (modeled after the 4 week boot camp plan), or the affordable, self customized Quick Start plan.

    Remember, it’s not just about weight loss, it’s about feeling better, looking better, and doing better each day for the long term. Get the harsh truth about good nutrition and you’ll save yourself time, protect your body from disease and injury, and you’ll feel great sooner rather than later!

    Good luck with your journey Frances and I look forward to hearing about your success!

    Nadeen Boman

  • Hi! I would love to help you improve your nutrition and shrink your waistline at the same time 🙂 I’ve designed my meal plans for people just like you and because of people like you!

    You can contact me on my, website and I’m also on Facebook, Twitter ,YouTube , and Blogger.

    If you want me to keep you in the loop on health tips, events and promotions, sign up to my mailing list. I promise to keep you informed and excited about making better lifestyle choices!

    Hope to hear from you soon!


  • April Mallory

    I love this show and I am so anxious to get a meal plan from nadeen I am saving as we speak and should be able to get one mid february…this show keeps me going I only wish I could get an mp3 file of tommy sayin gimme the last 10 pounds and yelling keep going 5 more lol it would keep me moving

  • Brittany Northrup

    Um im 15 years old and i have recently gained weight…..and i dont really like looking at my self in the mirror and i was wondering if i could addition for the show Because i love watching the show :)or u could help me out with some tips because i hate my body !!!!!!

  • Brittany Northrup

    I would truly apprechiate it if i could come on the show bc i love it…BEcause i use to be a 125 know i gained alot of weight and know i way 150 and im only 15 🙁 so i would love to addution for the show

  • hila

    Will you guys be coming to the bay area/silicon valley?

  • ashlee

    hi nadeen!

    my name is ashlee. i’m a 28 year old mother of two, and nursing student. i am still hanging on to those pesky 8-10 pounds that i can’t wait to get rid of. i am fairly short, and unfortunately, ALL the weight goes straight into a spare tire of flab that is really visible when i am sitting down!

    i am in the process of purchasing one of your meal plans..just trying to decide which. i’m a bit indecisive 🙂

    i wanted to say that i love your only complaint is that the bulk of ‘last 10 pounds bootcamp’ involves exercise, it seems! i would love to see more of you, and more of your nutrition advice. you make the show what it is, in my opinion 🙂

    take care.

  • cassandra

    Hello i know its probably to late to even send a message but thought i would try anyways haha because everyones messages are in 2007 ok anyways i am 20 years old i live in vancouver and i am a student right now for a couple more months, i really need help losing these extra pounds i do play fieldhockey on a womens league but thats only for winter season and i still havn’t lost much weight it goes up and down all the time 🙁 i would like to know when your acually doing your show again cause that would be pretty cool to be in one of your shows lol

    so if you would like to email me more details about this thing thanks.

  • Truth Serum

    LAST 10 POUNDS MEAL PLANS… If you want the correct person who prepares all of the meal plans for LTP, you will want to contact Maria Thomas at Urban Nutrition! You will see her name on the credits on the show as she is a Registered Dietician, so don’t be fooled by somebody else taking the credit for Maria’s work and selling you third party information!
    Truth Serum

  • wendy

    HI, I was wondering how to get my body back, I was an addict, i was about 98lbs when i went to treatment a year and two months clean. I’ve gained about 70lbs. From being so sick i feel every thing is staying on me, scared of starving myself again. My body knows. I will stay clean forever, but how do i get my body to believe it!!! thank you