Outlaw In-Laws

Outlaw In-Laws is a brand new Canadian reality TV series featuring Ellie Tesher, an advice expert. She hopes to restore the peace in those family problems and give out tools to resolve issues that come up in the future.

Coming soon to Slice.

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  • Alison

    This show is very funny. I’ve seen two different ones. You have to see some of these people to believe it. Glad my in-laws aren’t that bad.

  • Josh B-K

    This show is the most contrived piece of bull i’ve ever seen! Everyone in the show is acting…poorly! If you’re going to get people to pretend on TV at least hire actors! The only one I actualy believed was the one about the guy who wouldn’t stop smoking. He seemed like a real douchebag! I don’t believe for a second that he actualy quit smoking! If I were his in-law I’d have put my boot square up his rear end long ago!

  • Dave

    On the episode “Tenant in Law”, we witness sisters and a husband who doesn’t get along with his sister in law. I just watched an episode of Judge Judy where the couple are suing each other over a break in at her house. (They are separated). Guess What, same couple as in Outlaw in Laws. Are they separated or together? Who knows! Are they reality show junkies who get face time on national t.v. and a fee to appear? Seem to be!

  • cindy

    I have to whole-heartedly agree with josh..’this is ridiculous. I have just watched 20 minutes of “the parent trap” episode, my 13 year old and myself remarked at the same time that these were vey bad actors.Why on earth is this on t.v? Maybe they should use real actors and perform reenactments, as this is really not working for them!!!!