Little Mosque on the Praire - Why has it taken so long for new Canadians or Americans to arrive on prime-time TV???

When I hear that a new show is much anticipated in the media, it is too often because it is something new along the same old lines. Is everyone not tired of CSI from every country in the U.S.? Now I could understand if they made a CSI Vancouver or force the pansy Survivors to suffer through The Coldness of Baffin Island, but am I really the only one who gets sick and tired of the same old same old from American based TV??

I must admit that I am a huge fan of the CBC already, but really, its about time we get to watch a show that is unique and different – Little Mosque on the Praire instantly attracted my attention because I crave new TV!! I watched the first episode and thought it was hilarious – not only does it remind me of my Muslim friends from University in Ottawa, but it also reminds me of the hilarious adventures that some of my multicultural friends experienced at my high school and in the small businesses of Mount Forest, the ultimate in small town Ontario.

Comedy on TV can be so formulaic. It is up to our Canadian humourists to waft some perfume below the noses of the nation – we have been laughing at ourselves for decades (Rick Mercer, Royal Canadian Air Farce, the Frantics, Bob and Doug MacKenzie) and even exporting our comedy to the US (Mike Myers, Jim Carrey) and soon enough everybody will realize that our Canadian comedy is far more intelligent and witty than anything else produced in the world.

And what better focus for our comedy than multiculturalism itself?? The people who have come to Canada over the past few decades have just as much to laugh at in their situation because they have come into contact with some of the most hilarious people on the planet – Johnny Canuck, the typical northern hoser – how would you relate to the -40 C cold or the near endless winters if you were from Cairo or Islamabad or Bombay??

Little Mosque on the Prairie is a breath of fresh air – I can’t wait to watch the continuation of this great series – because it represents a change in the type of TV that I hate!

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